Dental impaction

  • these are the teeth that erupted at age 18 – 21 years old (average 19 years old)
  • they are among the strangest teeth since they seem to have all kinds of odd shapes and erupt in the most unusual positions
  • sometimes wisdom teeth are malformed and sometimes they are missing

Impaction is most commonly seen in the mandibular third molars (the most posterior tooth in the lower jaw). The majority of tooth portion remains embedded in the mandibular bone (lower jaw), leaving only very little tooth substance in the oral cavity.

types of impacted teeth

Problems that can occurred with impacted wisdom teeth :

  • They get infected, and become swollen and painful
  • They are difficult to clean, and become decayed
  • They act as food trap, and cause decay on the neighbouring tooth
  • They can cause teeth in front to become crowded
  • They can develop into cysts.

The removal of it requires much effort than the normal tooth extraction, and also requires much care after it.