Psychology Treatment

Human Development

Prospective parents have an awesome responsibility for the development of the new life they have set in the motion. Parents provide the basic genetic material that makes each person unique.

Sources of environmental influence both the mother and the father affect the health of their born child by what they do and what they are exposed to

(Papalia, 2013)

How the mechanism of heredity operate, and how the biological inheritance interacts with environmental influences within and outside to born a human, a child. Child development can be influenced by many factors. It could be from the child itself and the environment where the child is living.

Factor originating from the child itself can include the levels of intelligence and personality. The environment also influences the behavior of the child, along with the internal factors of the child. Applying consistent environmental discipline can help children in shaping good personality. Environmental influences also include the social and the cultural environment parents provide their growing child.

Parents will learn various aspects of their children’s development through psychological tests and help them to understand their children’s capability. Therefore, parents can help improve the children’s personality to be a better person.

Kharinta clinic provides Psychological Testing, Treatments, and Counseling for Parents and Children.

Psychological Treatments and Care:

  • Parents Counseling (The Appropriate Parenting with Child Development, Parent and Child Relationship Problems, Good Family Relationships, Sibling Problems, Children with Aggressive, Hyperactivity, Anxiety and Trauma, etc)
  • Psychological Testing (Intelligence Tests, Personality Tests, Children’s Talents and Interests, School Readiness Tests, Test of election of the faculty, etc)
  • Counseling Child Development (Intelligence, Ability, Personality, Skills, etc)
  • Special Therapeutic Relationship of Parents and Child (The Appropriate Parenting with Child Development, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, etc)
  • Therapy based on the child’s needs (Child’s Lacking Confidence, Social Skills Therapy, Children with Anxiety, Child’s Lacking Concentration, Traumatic Children, etc)

Nia Krisna D., M.Psi., Clinical Psychologist

Psychology Treatment

Psychology Treatment

Educational background :

  • Bachelor of Psychology, University of Indonesia, 2008
  • Master of Clinical Psychology, University of Indonesia, 2012

Licensed Education :

  • Therapy License of Parent Child Integration Training (PCIT), Certified as Trainer and Therapist of PCIT Therapy, Milligan University, Tennessee, USA (July 2013 – Present)

Researcher of Psychology Science, Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia (March 2013 – January 2014)

  • Researched about Mental Travel of Early Childhood in Jogjakarta.
  • Application of Anxiety Therapy for Late Adulthood (June-August 2013)

Conduct Training :

  • 3 days Workshop of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Psychologists and Lecturer of Padjajaran University Bandung (April 2014 – Biro Swaparinama Bandung)
  • Parent Chid Interaction Theraphy Training for Psychologists and Lecturer (December 2013 – University of Indonesia Depok)
  • 5 days Training of Progressive Relaxation Therapy for Late Adults with Anxiety (June/July 2013 – Puskesmas Sukmajaya Depok)

Conduct Seminar :

  • Juvenile Delinquency through motorcycle gang (June 2014 – Al Azhar University Jakarta)
  • Parenting Style and Effective Communication between Parents and Children (April 2014 – Ar Rahman School Cinere, Dayatri Consultant of Psychology)
  • Effective Interaction between Parents and Children (March 2014 – Adam Khoo Singapore Learning Center BSD)
  • How do you know your children (July 2013 – Adam Khoo Singapore Learning Center BSD)